Tuesday, September 18th, 2018
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tribe testimonials

Here at Christi's, we love to hear and see how fitness can change the lives of everyone that walks through the door. Below are the testimonials of tribe team members here at Christi's Fitness. One body, one unit, one team - one Tribe.


"We all want to be a part of something meaningful. Being a part of a tribe has changed my life. It has changed my family’s life too.

I am a father of two toddlers, a full-time worker, and a full-time grad school student who has no time to waste. Tribe helped me optimize my life and maximize what I got out of everything I am a part of.

I have bought all of the workout fads that have ever been promoted on television. Tribe is not a fad or an easy guarantee; it is an opportunity to develop a healthier me."


"Tribe has been a wonderful way to jump start my fitness routine. Every time I attend, we are pushed to give our best. Missy and all of my fellow tribe mates have been a great source of motivation. I feel stronger with each class I attend.

I am on my way to better overall fitness!"


(Message to Dawn Bamberg-Tribe coach here at Christi's)

"I want to say thank you for being an awesome coach. I am so grateful for Lindsay, Erin, and Don for pushing me to try Tribe. It is making such a difference in me, inside and out. You are a wonderful, positive, encouraging coach, and, yes, cheerleader. Thanks for everything."


"I was so encouraged by today's class that I stopped by Riverside, and jogged a whole mile without stopping! First time in years! Thanks for pushing me to find my inner strength!"


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