Wednesday, September 19th, 2018
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weston speed academy

Speed is a skill that can be taught.

Our mission at Weston Speed Academy is to inspire, educate, and unlock the potential of every athlete through innovative physical training, goal setting, and character building.

Kick Start
Ages 5-6
Our Kick Start program is a perfect foundation for young athletes getting started. This is a fun way to get children moving, teach them about body awareness, coordination, proper running techniqu, overall bodyweight strength and their self confidence. 
Start Strong
Ages 7-12      
Our Start Strong program is a perfect foundation for all young athletes just getting started or those looking to improve their athletic skills. Weston Speed Academy will provide a safe, fun-filled, and educational enviroment. The Start Strong program will enhance each athlete's coordination, flexibility, weight loss, proper running technique, overall bodyweight strength, and their self confidence.
Finish Stronger
Ages 13-18
Our Finish Stronger program is prepared to take any athlete to the next level with their athletic abilities. Whether you are a Varsity starter, the first one off the bench, or just trying to make a team, this program is for you. Weston Speed Academy will provide a safe, challenging, and results-producing environment. The Finish Stronger program will improve speed, agility, power, physical stength, and maximize the athlete's jumping ability.
Initial Performance Fitness Assessment with follow up after 3 months
Anytime Performance Fitness Assessment
The Performance Fitness Assessment is highly recommended for all of the athletes involved in Weston Speed Academy. The assessments will mark their current ability levels and will gauge progress and determine strengths and weaknesses. Athletes will be assessed on their vertical jump, broad jump, the 40 yard dash, and multiple bodyweight strength tests.

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